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Bodega Cats

One of the best things about New York is Bodega Cats! The unofficial guardians of Bodega’s all over the city, they are celebrities in their own right and the subject of numerous blogs. And now, Amy Pearl has made this awesome video for WNYC, which lifts the lid on the secret world of Bodega Cats, in their own words.

Bodega Cat No Refunds

Thanks to Amy, we get to meet Victoria and Sheeba, who not only talk but have their own unique personalities. Sheeba is the Queen of Parkslope, admired by all (naturally) while Victoria guards the store against robbers and naps pretty much all day. Set to the cool sounds of Reggae, these felines live a super chilled existence. For anyone who ever wondered if cats can talk, here is the proof.




Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar

After a year and a bit living with the constant sounds of sirens, choppers, car alarms, honking and general New York City Noise we have decided to do what Miranda did years ago, and move to Brooklyn. Temporarily. Elizabeth and Steve rented us their charming apartment in the Fruit District. They told us it was a pre-war building and I had to stop myself from asking ‘which one?’ It has lots of weird art and bossy views and we were promised celebrities. So far I’ve only seen Lena Dunham. But we realized as we immersed ourselves in our natural habitat (wine bars) that Brooklyn Heights is a place where young people can come to be old. Got a typewriter and a penchant for cardigans? That’s cool. No one is going to stop you. And it’s quiet. Oh so quiet.