Co-founder Martin Johnson

Sarah Awards co-founder Martin Johnson

I am so excited to announce that The Sarah Awards are here!

The Sarahs will transform radio drama worldwide for the 21st Century. For all you radio nerds this is an opportunity to break the rules and create your finest, most innovative audio works. But the awards are also a spark that will get people listening to innovative audio fiction works, and create ground-breaking audio works of their own.

Here’s how you can join the Revolution!

Very, Very, Short, Short Stories Contest: A bi-monthly contest to get making audio fiction of their own. Submissions can be in any language, they just need an English transcript. Winners will receive a personalized art print of their story by Cal Tabuena-Frolli and, for this first contest, a 2-year subscription to Hindenburg Journalist Pro. All you have to do is choose a word from the list and off you go.

Serendipity podcast: A podcast featuring radio drama for the 21st century. It is presented by Ann and Martin who have their own story to tell.

The Sarahs Award: The Sarahs will celebrate and reward the best audio fiction works from around the world with $3,500 worth of prize money and an awards ceremony in New York in Spring 2016. Learn how you can enter (and tell others to enter) this fall. It’s time audio fiction had its own red carpet.

Get Inspired: Listen to Featured Fiction by Andrea Silenzi, Rick Moody, The Truth and others.