Dancing with the Stars saw Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson and her partner, Mark Ballas, do a choreographed dance to the classic gaming music from Super Mario Bros. But this wasn’t just a rip from the game, Nintendo confirmed on Twitter that its long-time in-house composer Koji Kondo arranged an original score just for the show. 

Super Mario Brotehrs 3

I totally love the originality of this piece, especially on a show like Stars where there is very little that hasn’t been done before. This dance off gets especially awesome at 58 seconds when Mario and Princess Peach are joined by Luigi and Toad for a full Copacabana style dance out. The only thing that could have made this better is if Bowser came along and started breakdancing to the Castle theme.

If you like this version of the Super Mario Bros. Music, which is slightly different than the original, for a limited time Nintendo is hosting the song on its website. Kondo is best know for the music he composed for Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, but he is still working at Nintendo and is responsible for some of the music in today’s Wii U and 3DS games.

Super Mario Gif