Wilson Phillips Parody 2

Just when I thought I had found all the best covers of 90’s girlband Wilson Phillips, it turns out there’s one more!! I almost forgot about Australian comedy legends Gina Riley, Magda Szubanski and Jane Turner. They made an art out of parodying artists like Paula Abdul, Madonna and Wilson Phillis in their comedy sketch show Big Girls Blouse. The sketches confusingly start with Jane Turner as Alison Woo-Wee-Wang, the host of MTV, but you can skip that bit.

Wilson Phillips Parody

In the Hold On spoof Magda Szubanski plays Carnie Wilson, who has publicly battled weight loss issues for most of her life, and has undergone multiple lap band surgeries. Appropriately Jane Turner sings her heart out as Chynna Phillips and Gina Riley does her best to keep her legs closed as Grammy Award Winning artist Wendy Wilson. If Venice Beach could be St. Kilda Beach, and the mountains of Southern California some scrub near the Kew Boathouse, it could almost be the same, almost…